Hunting on the internet for your dream home can be a dunting and very frustating task and often leaving home buyers with a sour taste.

Searching for homes on the internet,,,, confusing right?, well here are some facts about that.

For home buying consumers the recent announcements regarding the end of listhub's agreement to send listings to Zillow and now Trulia may not cause for concern. I they rely on ither of those 2 sites to search for homes, though may be it should.

It is generally believed that search at Zillow and  Trulia is not as reliable as search at Unless Zillow/Trulia (now the Zillow Group) is able to reconstruct that data feed, via new agreements with over 800 MLS systems nationwide, there will be gaps in the data set and that unreliability will soar. That won’t sit well with consumers who can just as well go search at

Zillow/Trulia is an advertising machine sucking in agents paying for ‘leads’. “Leads” are real consumers wanting to buy a home that don’t really know how to find an agent to represent them and now may have a harder time finding a house if they don't discover a better place to search. They may want to find an agent that can give them some good advice.

There are plenty of licensed agents to choose from - around 2 million licensees - about half of whom are Realtors. The agents that are representing the seller and that are the source of the listings buyers are searching for want consumers to come to them and they will pay to make that happen. Many naive buyers do just that - only to learn later they are stuck without an advocate in the process.They needed a buyers’ agent and didn’t get one. For many that is an expensive mistake.

So here is my advice to you as a home buyer, 95% of home buyers don't know that hiring a professional Realtor doesn't cost a single penny, we as realtors do all the work for the buyer for free, sort of speak, realtors get paid a commission for bringing a buyer to a seller, so realtors get paid from the seller. So bottom line is that my recomendation is for you to hire me to do all the hunting for you and get you that dream home you have been searching for, call me to schedule an appointment at 760-235-9688