Hello everyone.

Last Saturday morning I went to the Carrot festival & parade in Holtville, CA. The parade was filled with all kinds of fun, I met lots of great people, I got to enjoy all kinds of foods and goodies from lots of vendors from great foods to arts & craft vendors, (I loved the Pastor tacos LOL), I am supposed to loose 10LBS by the end of this month and not supposed to eat greasy food, but what the heck, it's only one time, I will meet my goal.

Our office has a life to success club where each of us has 3 goals to archive by the end of each month, we are all commited to succeed and meet all of our goals, personal and business ones, time will tell, I will post all my results by the end of each month.

If you need any information on homes for sale or you are in the market to sell your home, please do give me a call to setup an appointment to review your home and give you a free analisys of your current market home value.

Thank You.