Yesterday evening our company hosted a 1rst. time buyer's home seminar, this seminar was full of very good information for the potential buyers, we had a good turn out, and buyers who attended the seminar left with a diferent prospective of what is the entire home buying proscess is, and now they know what options they have available to them and what lending programs are also availble to them.

We partnered with our preffered lender company Guild Mortgage Company, and we are very greatfull for all the help they where able to provide to our potential clients, all in all it was a win win situation for everybody, and most of the attendees  setup an appointment with the lender company.

We are looking forward to work with those clients that took that first important step and we will make sure that they can get their dream home and get them out of renting, thus saving them lots of money.

If you like to get more info in this very informative seminar, please send me an email and will gladly reply to you and send you a very informative flyer about the home buying proscess.